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Sass & Boho candles & diffusers

Sass & Boho candles are made using the finest premium essential oils, fragrance oils and a unique blend of sustainably sourced, eco-friendly soy and vegetable waxes. No paraffin is used in the candles. The wicks are 100% cotton with no nasty lead, resulting in a very beautiful, clean, toxic free burn.

Each scent has been uniquely developed by blending fragrance and essential oils to not only fill your home with the most beautiful aromas but to also give calming or uplifting effects and to elevate and enhance your mood.

It’s Sass & Boho’s premium ingredients and skilled craftsmanship that has produced such a clean burning candle with no compromise to the amazing, long-lasting, strong; but not overpowering aromas that fill the home and leave you still smelling the scent long after the candle has been blown out.

Each candle is individually hand poured, tended to and monitored for 24hrs before being left to cure for a minimum of 3 weeks. It is then given one final inspection, labelled, boxed and ready for its new home.

The candles have 50 hour burn time and burn beautifully and evenly.

Sass & Boho Luxury Home Fragrance Diffusers are hand made in the Irish Countryside using only premium grade Fragrance and Essential Oils.

They are free from alcohol.

Our reeds are Porex eReeds. Porex eReeds offer a modern alternative that uses cutting edge science whilst retaining the look and feel we know and love.

Our diffusers consist of 16 reeds, 2 sets of 8. This allows our customers to replace the reeds after 2 months without having to source and buy new reeds for the remaining fragrance oil.

Our diffusers last a minimum of 4 months with some oils lasting up to 6/7 months.

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