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Roisin Cross Silk Pillowcase

Roisin Cross Silk Pillowcase

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The pillowcases are made in Ireland by Roisin Cross Silks. They are made in the traditional shape and are 75 cm x 50 cm in size. Silk weight is measured in mommies. Industry standards indicate 17 momme are ideal for silk pillowcases. Our silk pillowcases are 19 momme.

Care of your Roisin Cross Silks Pillowcases

If you recently purchased a silk pillowcase, congratulations! You’ve made a fantastic investment in your beauty sleep, as sleeping on/in silk helps to prevent wrinkles, reduce “bedhead” and tons of other beauty benefits. Few fabrics feel as decadent and luxurious as silk, and you’ll feel like royalty as you drift off to sleep.


But silk is also a bit more high maintenance than cotton and other common types of pillowcases, so it’s important to know how to properly care for this special fabric. Wash your silk pillowcase correctly so they last for years to come.


Wash your pillowcase in warm water, (30 degrees) in the gentle (or delicate) setting. Hot water may distort the fibres.

Use a pH-neutral detergent. Solutions that are too acidic or alkaline can leave your silk pillowcase feeling rough or stiff. Check the detergent container and it will usually say if it’s gentle enough for silk and other delicate fabrics.

Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener. Bleach is much too rough on silk and can disintegrate the fibres.

We recommend drip drying or line drying your pillowcase for best results but take care to keep it out of high temperatures and direct sunlight, which can damage the fibres and may cause colour fading. In general, high temperatures aren’t compatible with silk.

Silk dries very quickly, and with proper line drying you can expect your pillowcase to be dry and ready for use in about 45 minutes.

While we don’t recommend using a dryer, if you must: use a gentle, no-heat, air-only setting for no more than 15 minutes. Don’t use a fabric sheet or dryer ball.